D-Track is a suite of software used to track an object in 3D based on the 3D schematics of a scene. These set of software was used to calculate and analyse the 3D position of a dolphin in a pool in Zoomarine @ Portugal.

D-Track applications

d-track-singlecam Extracts 2d information, used for the tracking, from a recording captured by a single camera.
d-track-smoothpath Combine the 2 cameras 2d information to find the 3d path.
d-track-render Render the resulting 3d path into a 3d scene.

Other software used in the project

Python Video Annotator Software used to correct values from the 2d tracking.
Python 3D Engine Python library for 3d physics simulation.
Python 3D Scene Editor Software to create 3d scenes to be used with the py3dengine library.
3D-tracking-analyser Software to visualize and analyse the results of the 3d tracking.

Developers & collaborations

Ricardo Ribeiro
from the Champalimaud Scientific Software Platform
Patrícia Rachinas Lopes
from the MARE-ISPA
Dolphins Zoomarine @ Portugal

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Code on Github